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Christmas is a time for celebration. For some, it is a season of plenty. But many in our own community don’t get to experience the incredible blessings that most of us take for granted. You can change that this year by opening your heart to touch the life of a young child. Toys for Joy is only possible through the generosity of businesses, organizations, and people like you. The need is great and every gift, large or small, helps. All donations are tax-deductible and directly benefit the children and their families!

Here are some ways your giving makes a difference

27,285 Free Lunches Served

A hot lunch for 75 people can be provided with just a $100 donation.

21,927 Toys Given Away

One wholesale pallet of 180 toys is $1,000. That's just $5.55 a toy!

11,812 Bags of Groceries Given Away

A donation of $500 will purchase 300 bags of groceries for families.

279,550 Articles of Clothing Given Away

Men, women, and children receive clothing, shoes, and accessories at a total cost of $5,000.